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Do you dream about the day you will be free from persistent pain, feel more content at home or at work, make decisions easily, or simply struggle less and laugh more?

If so, your authentic self is calling. Will you listen?

“As a person who is usually upbeat and outgoing, I couldn’t understand why I was finding myself sad and withdrawn in certain social situations. What was behind those feelings and, more importantly, how could I get beyond them? In the end, I achieved my breakthrough because you are an outstanding guide. You led me to a solid understanding of what I needed to do, and it will serve me well for years to come.”
~ S.P.

I’m Leda Asmar, and I help women like you transform confusion into confidence and sadness into joy.

As a life coach, I’ll show you how to tune into your inner voice—the one that already knows who you are and what you truly want. I use a powerful system that combines my personal intuition, years of study, and experience in nursing with my training as a Martha Beck Certified Coach and Abigail Steidley Mind Body Coach.

When we work together, I act as a partner who listens deeply, asks the right questions, and gently guides you to light bulb moments and next steps that will transform your life. Then I cheer!

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the ability to hear your inner voice and take creative action depends on your willingness to do five things:



It’s your Home; get comfortable in it.

Stressed young woman in sweater on beach with cell phone

They will help you hear the messages of your body.

Portrait of beautiful woman leaned on the bench.

It’s a beautiful planner and implementer, but it should not be the boss.


Your inner voice is your access to Source and the clarity to move forward.

take inspired action with Leda Asmar

With your newfound clarity, start taking small steps towards your goal.


So if you’re ready to use these ideas to release unhealthy beliefs, tune into your heart, and follow joy to your authentic life, click here to learn how I can help.